I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone. It’s amazing what can be corrected!”

Erin H.


Erin first came to Principled Chiropractic in November of 2011, and had been suffering from chronic urinary tract infections and bladder infections.  The problem had been relentlessly tormenting her for around 8 years, starting when she was only 16 years old.  The Urinary Tract Infections caused her to have “horrible sharp pains, bleeding, and fevers”.  These problems became so severe that she was rushed to the emergency room on two separate occasions.  She was treated by her family medical doctor who prescribed antibiotics and pain medication, but only obtained slight, temporary relief.  Furthermore due to the severity and frequency of the UTI’s, she was taking the pain reliever up to 3 times a day which made her very tired and disrupted her ability to think straight.

At first Erin had doubts that chiropractic care could help her, but after coming to the Principled Doctor’s Report she had hope of health through time and repetition.  Erin says, “I haven’t had one UTI or bladder infection since I’ve been coming; I feel great!”  Erin goes on to say that her experience at Principled Chiropractic has been different from other chiropractic experiences.  She really likes how Dr. Galen takes the time to explain how chiropractic care can help everyone.  Erin has been amazed by what chiropractic care can do for a person’s health.  Without chiropractic care, Erin would not be where she is today!!

“I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone.  It’s amazing what can be corrected!”