Dr. Galen has helped me in my goal to regain a pain free, flexible body. I have resumed my normal life; my Qi Gong and yoga workouts, and hiking activities. I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Karen S.


Karen first came to Principled Chiropractic as a walk-in patient looking for relief from her sprained spine, ribcage and neck pain, as well as severe nerve, tendon, and joint pain.  All these problems were causing loss of motion, a great deal of fatigue and had developed over many years.  A severe fall when hiking caused Karen’s entire body to lock down to the point that she could hardly move without pain and she had lost motion and flexibility.

In the past Karen had tried some other treatments such as physical therapy and medication.  She was able to get varied levels of success with these treatments, but they also created other symptoms.  Karen was not using any medication when she came to Principled Chiropractic.  Although Karen had been to chiropractors previously she had not gotten any long term relief.  She had developed a fear of chiropractic because of specific methods.  Dr. Galen inspired confidence for Karen!  The specific, scientific adjustments gave Karen immediate relief!  She found the simplicity of the adjustments to be comforting and encouraging.

Karen enjoys the welcoming and helpful atmosphere of Principled Chiropractic and the staff.  “Dr. Galen is a wonderful asset to the community and a true healer!”

Since beginning her chiropractic journey, Karen has referred in her husband who is now under care for neck, spine, and hip conditions.  He has also been helped though specific, scientific care!  Karen says she would highly recommend Dr. Galen to others who are suffering because of his genuine, caring attitude towards all his clients from youngest to oldest; he is someone whom she trusts greatly with her health. Karen found it fascinating to see her x-rays and neurological analysis.  After her first adjustment, Karen immediately felt her pain reduced and a freedom of motion returning.  “I floated home!”  She has regained her ease of fluid, natural motion.  

“I am a former professional ballet dancer.  I have had a passion for the performing arts since I was a small child. I was fortunate to have a very rewarding performing career followed by an even more rewarding career as a teacher, choreographer, and coach of many young people.  Through these years I have certainly pushed my body through the grueling training and life of a dancer.  Now, at 55 my body certainly reminds me every day that it has been perhaps ‘overworked!’ Dr. Galen has helped me in my goal to regain a pain free, flexible body.  I have resumed my normal life; my Qi Gong and yoga workouts, and hiking activities.  I can’t express my gratitude enough!