The chiropractic care I have received has changed my life!” “It saved my quality of life, and has helped me to really live again!"

Carrie C.


Carrie had been suffering from thyroid disease as well as musculoskeletal pain, spasms, and weakness throughout her entire body; in addition chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, numbness on the whole left side of her body, ongoing chest pain and dizziness.  Additionally, Carrie was told by her medical doctor that she likely had the medical diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  She was experiencing these problems over the course of four years with everything getting worse and worse as time passed.  She was injected with steroids and given high dosage ibuprofen by her family physician, then referred to a cardiologist for the chest pain.  The cardiologist prescribed her meds for the chest pain and referred her to a neurologist.  The neurologist ordered an MRI of her brain and spine, as the he believed that MS was the cause of all her ailments.  The images showed no definitive signs of MS, however Carrie was told by the neurologist and family medical doctor that she likely was in the early stages of the disease.  As you can imagine, the uncertainty of this diagnosis was troubling to Carrie and she decided to research the topic for herself.  Finding information on chiropractic care helping people with MS, Carrie found a chiropractor in Ohio and noticed improvement with all her symptoms being under care there for three months.  She then moved with her family and the symptoms returned after not being under chiropractic care for two consecutive months.  She then heard about Principled Chiropractic from a friend and she immediately called for an appointment time.  During her initial consultation Carrie says that she noticed a big difference in the type of care offered by Dr. Galen.  She was excited to learn about how Principled Chiropractic uses state of the art, neurological diagnostic testing and chiropractic postural x-rays to give the most precise and scientific care possible, so that there is absolutely no guess work; providing care specific to each individual.

Carrie started seeing results immediately and is excited to say that she has had huge improvement with all her musculoskeletal pain; also she no longer has any dizziness and no longer gets any chest pains.  Furthermore, the fatigue, body numbness, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and the anxiety have all slowly gone away!

Carrie goes on to say, “The chiropractic care I have received has changed my life!”  “It saved my quality of life, and has helped me to really live again!”

Now Carrie’s son and husband are both getting great results through principled chiropractic; and if someone mentions a health problem to Carrie she is sure to tell them about neurologically, subluxation based chiropractic care.