It is worth the drive. Principled Chiropractic is excellent! It’s a comfortable environment where the chiropractor and his wife are great people and joined in helping me with my problem. I feel much better!”

Fredy M.


Fredy came to Principled Chiropractic after he had been diagnosed with migraine headaches and had also been suffering from chronic low back pain.  He had been tormented by both of these conditions for 10 years and was starting to lose hope that he would ever find relief.  He experienced unrelenting migraine headaches everyday for ten straight years.  He describes the headaches as extremely severe, and furthermore the headaches interfered with his ability to work at his occupation.  Fredy was prescribed medication for his migraine headaches, but says that the medication made him feel very bad and drowsy.  He was also taking Advil and Tylenol 500mg but found little if any relief from the drugs.  Losing hope, Fredy was constantly frustrated and angry with his condition.

Fredy met Dr. Galen at a health screening, and at first he was very doubtful that chiropractic care could help him because his problem was so severe.  However doubtful, he thought that it was at least worth a try.  After starting specific, scientific chiropractic care 5 months ago, Fredy says that he is so happy because he no longer has headaches and he also no longer has low back pain.  Fredy’s mother currently suffers from the same conditions as Fredy, and he is excited to get her under chiropractic care when she moves here to the western slope.  Fredy says that he would recommend chiropractic care to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain.  He says that he has had a good experience in the practice and has received tremendous help with his health problems.

Although having a 50-minute commute one way to Principled Chiropractic, Fredy says,

“It is worth the drive.  Principled Chiropractic is excellent!  It’s a comfortable environment where the chiropractor and his wife are great people and joined in helping me with my problem.  I feel much better!”